I recently received beta access to OpenAI’s GPT-3, the revolutionary model making bounds for the future of AI.


GPT-3 stands for the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (3rd edition). It is trained on almost a trillion words and has 175 billion parameters. Since it is trained on so many words, GPT-3 generates…

If you were born in the 2000s, you likely know about Angry Birds: the viral game that grew into a multimillion-dollar series — complete with merchandise, board games, and of course, a terrible movie. In Angry Birds, players fling birds in a catapult across the screen to score points. Angry…

Saurav Kumar

Hey! I'm Saurav, and I am a student from the Bay Area. I love physics, astronomy, and computer science, so I periodically write articles about concepts I like.

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